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How to make?
Tarkett vinyl flooring is very easy to install, meaning you can have a new look in just one weekend!
Design advice
6 questions to Muriel, creator of online mural decoration boutique,
Design advice
Five questions to Anne-Portheault Gabagnou, founder of Red Slate interior design in Paris, France. Because it can often be daunting and even difficult to go it alone in the adventure of a new...
All about flooring
Vinyl flooring has become an everyday feature in buildings and homes across the world thanks to its many aesthetic and technical advantages. A story of industry's ingenuity and creativity in...
All about flooring
Tarkett took aside some of its customers and asked them a few questions about their personal experience with Vinyl. The following is a quick Q&A of 4 customers who tell us their story.
All about flooring
Choosing a new floor is very exciting and making the right decision as to the type of floor you choose is very important. There are so many designs and types of surfaces available that it can make...
All about flooring
Most of us make purchasing decision based on factors like time, convenience and comfort. When selecting a vinyl flooring, you need to consider all the advantages to ensure that your choice brings a...
All about flooring
People are looking to create well-being at home, through interior decoration to match their lifestyles and healthy living spaces. Tarkett’s New Generation Vinyl Flooring brings a new approach...
Fri, 2013-12-06
With 110 decors, 14 finishings, 5 formats and 5 board constructions, our collection, allows you to create distinctive styles. Authenticity lovers will particularly appreciate the exclusive 3D...
Wed, 2013-09-04
Starfloor Click is a perfect decoration solution. From our large choice of trendy designs, we guarantee that there is just the right one for you. You can choose from our wood,...