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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1  How can I find the product I want?

You can use the main menu on the home page to search for products in a variety of ways:

  • By room: select “Solutions” in the navigation bar to see products for each room (bedroom, home office, kitchen, bathroom…). You can also play around the floor plan by choosing the option “Solutions for every room”.
  • By type of product: select “Products” to see our product full catalogue.

You can also use our search functionality to find the best match for your requirements.

2  Can I buy products online?

It is not possible to purchase Tarkett flooring products directly online.

3  How do I find my closest store?

You can find your closest Tarkett Retailer by clicking on the “Retailer locator” in the “Services and support” menu on the home page.

4  Can I see what my floor will look like in a room?

You can use “Room designer” to see how a floor will look in a room for which you provide details such as the size, wall colour etc

5  Can I download pictures from the site?

If you need to access to a complete private library of digital assets, please go to “Press room” in “About Tarkett” menu, and select “Media library”

6  What do I do if I can not find an answer to my question?

For more information about our services go to “Contact us” on the home page and complete the contact form. The subject of your enquiry must be clearly shown so that the message can be sent to the relevant expert at Tarkett.