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Trends are the phenomenon that influences our lives. Our home life has become our center. We spend more and more time at home and it’s become essential to feel well inside our space.

Every year, Tarkett international Design teams explore the emerging colours, textures, materials and life styles inspiring stylists, architects and designers worldwide. From this we are able to enrich our collections of designs to ensure floors that will coordinate and enhance interior spaces with the objects, furniture and equipment used within them.

2012 Trends:
> 100% home made
> Sweet modernity
> Urban happiness
> Timeless classis


100% home made

100% Home Made is inspired by the material’s authenticity that frees up our desire for personalization.
This style is more suited to people who value tradition. The home story is turned to past values, to erstwhile pleasures. We celebrate the traditional crafts, the retro touch, the recycling art, the multicultural atmosphere and the need to create a truly unique interior.

The house: To live in an old house that has been renovated, surrounded by authentic materials. It could be a loft with an industrial atmosphere.
The family: Likes to create a new story, to recycle and to live with authentic materials from different country that inspire and reassure
Key words: Vintage and rustic, old and patinas aspects, recycled materials, patchworks, an ethnic touch


Sweet Modernity

Sweet Modernity is the balance between design and nature.
Green and organic product popularity is growing. We long to bring the natural elements into the home. Modernity creates a quiet and sweet ambiance that transports us in a soothing home, an ecological and minimalist atmosphere. We mix pure lines with soft colors and a white cameo that express perfect well-being at home.

The house: A contemporary house opened to the light. The ideal house is wooden and composed of pure lines
The family: Likes nature and bio products. Desire to live in an ecological and wellness spirit
Key words: nature, minimalist, modernity, design, purity, relax, lounge


Urban Happiness

Urban Happiness is an urban poetry atmosphere.
It’s a style for people who are interested in modern and contemporary interior styles. Today, people evolve with multifunctional technology, new virtual media that transform life behaviors. We seek a playful and graphic spirit that adapts to our life style evolution and its transformation. There is no limit on being fashionable and fun!

The house: A modern architecture that adapts as the lifestyle, modular and personal
The family: Urban spirit that likes new products and evolves with new technology of life
Key words: Cities, modern, graphic, pop, playful, futurist, fun


Timeless classic

Timeless Classic is the traditional feel interior trend.
It’s more of a cottage theme that expresses the investment need in timeless interiors. To create a warm and comfortable atmosphere inspired by the Flemish Interiors characterized by the use of naturals. The interiors of today give you the impression of being created a long time ago and never changed for years. Flemish inspiration is the juxtaposition of styles of yesterday and today, the past is reinvented.

The house: a traditional and familial architecture where people take their time
The family: lives in the countryside next the city where he finds the balance between the modernity and the traditional lifestyle
Key words: rustic, cozy, classical, traditional, simplicity, contemporary, charm