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Laminate for the home

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To help you find the perfect flooring, our designers have developed a whole new range of laminate flooring. Tarkett laminates authentically interpret the highest quality wood and stone finishes and also quite original patterns. They are available in a wide range of decors from realistic to artistic, and the choice of widths and lengths makes it easier than ever to create a striking floor design – right in the trend, right to your taste.

  • The Black and White Concept
    Play with opposition, from one side of the colour span to the other without stopping in the middle. From very graphic to sleek all over and from big boards to the traditional standard planks.

  • The Oak collection
    Classic and classy, oak remains an all times favorite.
    Country classic with a rustic looking finish in traditional honey browns ; or modern classic with a process wood finish in stylish Flament grey tones.Check out the new 3D surface effects, Light Catcher and Lunar, alternating matt and glossy finish for a structured finish with a very trendy...

  • The Vintage Concept
    Up-cycled, recycled and distressed, Vintage floors play the nostalgic tune of passing time. Oak of course, but also pine, spruce and beech with carefully selected finishes to enhance the wood’s characteristics and history.

    The cool natural look of stones adapts to the style and size of the room with different shades of grey and various dimensions. Large slabs of concrete for a contemporary look, smaller squares of slate for a classic feel and the unsettling plank of concrete oak.

  • Infinite 832
    The endless plank.
    The wide boards are bevelled along the length, without showing any connection on the short sides - like a plank cut directly from the tree! These infinite planks lend their length to the room for a feeling of wider space.

  • The Essentials 832
    Exotic species with their reddish woods, classic oaks in very natural shades of blond and brown , vintage woods with grey shadows and even fantasy decors, all the essentials of decoration are available in this basic collection.

  • The new oversize collection
    Perspective is the main variable in decoration, broaden your horizon.
    The good old ranch style floor boards have taken a trendy twist. Their large dimensions lend a very natural look to the deco and at the same time they give perspective to the room they are laid in. The traditional pine with a vintage look that’s perfect for a renovated...

  • Natural materials and zen simplicity are the key words for the Nordic soul range which follows the Scandinavian style. Ash is a new trend and Oak is worked in soft and natural white and grey colours.

  • Best compromise between design and affordability.