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Living room

Your ideal living room is about the way you live, your family and friends.  Tarkett floors combine style and function.  Easy to install, they really are as good as they look with high quality finishes that resist dirt and stains, knocks and scratches.  Warm and comfortable, beautiful and practical – floors made for life.


Vinyl Modular

Make it personal ...
Design it
Do it
Enjoy it
The ultimate way to personalize any interior space. Starfloor makes you the designer of your own floor by...



Viva veneer floors are a beautiful, practical and durable solution, particularly suited for renovations.



Atelier is a prestigious collection of exclusive engineered wood flooring that brings a new level of craftsmanship, quality and expression to interior design.

Laminate for the home


To help you find the perfect flooring, our designers have developed a whole new range of laminate flooring.
Tarkett laminates authentically interpret the highest quality wood and stone...