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A beautiful entrance floor can give a great and stylish first impression. Choose from a variety of floors including vinyl, wood, laminate and carpet.

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Choosing the right floors and colours can help create a relaxing atmosphere thanks to sound reducing flooring materials, relaxing colours or designs. 

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Floors to create a space that helps you focus, be creative and find inspiration.

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Choosing the right floor for kids bedrooms and playrooms means choosing hardwearing and easy to clean floors that will help create a playful atmosphere.

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Kitchens are often the hearts of our homes where family and friends meet and eat. Choose a floor that is durable and reflects your style and personality best.

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Living rooms are spaces where floors should combine aesthetics and practicality. Choose a floor that matches your style and makes your home welcoming.

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Floors in bathrooms need to combine both aesthetics and water-resistance. Explore our selection of water-resistant floors with designs to suit every style.
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    Homepage Residential Vinyl ESSENTIALS 280T Gea LIGHT NATURAL
    Residential Vinyl | Vinyl Rolls


    The Essentials 280T home vinyl rolls collection is the ideal solution for an easy renovation. Its special textile backing ensures that little defects from uneven subfloors don’t show through, while also providing extra thermal and acoustic comfort to help create a cosy home. With our Extreme Protection surface treatment your floor is easy to keep clean and beautiful.
    Key features
    Technical and environmental specifications
    Product type: Expanded (cushioned) poly(vinyl chloride) floor covering (ISO 26986)
    Domestic classification: 23 Heavy
    Commercial classification: 32 General
    Binder content: Type I
    Residential warranty (in years): 15 years
    Roll (3 ref.)
    Find the Gea LIGHT NATURAL that suits your needs
      0 format
      Technical and environmental specifications
      Norm Tarkett value
      Product type EN ISO 26986 Expanded (cushioned) poly(vinyl chloride) floor covering (ISO 26986)
      Domestic classification EN ISO 10874 23 Heavy
      Commercial classification ISO 10874 32 General
      Binder content ISO 11638 Type I
      Norm Tarkett value
      Residential warranty (in years) - 15 years
      Format Type - Roll
      Surface treatment - X-TREME
      Total thickness ISO 24346 2,80 mm
      Wear layer thickness ISO 24340 0,35 mm
      Total weight ISO 23997 1880 g/m²
      Norm Tarkett value Requirements
      Declaration of Performance # EN 14041 0004-0016-DoP-2015-01 -
      Static Eletrical Propensity EN 1815 Antistatic (≤ 2 kV) ≤ 2 kV
      Reaction to fire EN 13501-1 Cfl-s1 -
      Slip resistance EN 13893 Class DS (µ ≥ 0,30) -
      Thermal resistance (m²•K/W) ISO 10456 -
      Norm Tarkett value
      Impact sound reduction - ∆Lw EN ISO 717-2 19 dB
      Slip resistance DIN 51130 R10
      Castor chair effect ISO 4918 No damage
      Residual indentation ISO 24343-1 0,20 mm
      Underfloor heating - Suitable (maximum 27°C)
      Colour fastness to light ISO 105-B02 ≥ 6
      Dimensional stability ISO 23999 0,40 %
      Norm Tarkett value
      Emissions label - A+
      Recyclability - 100 %
      BREEAM rating - A+
      Phthalate content - 100% Phthalate-free
      Tarkett Indoor Air Quality (TVOC after 28 days) EN 16516 Gold (≤ 100 µg / m³)
      Understand the ESSENTIALS 280T