• Authenticity of parquet
  • Ideal for heavy traffic
  • Easy to maintain
  • Overnight renovation
  • 84% wood, PEFC and Blue Angel certified

Offering the charm and emotion of authentic parquet, the Welcome 1233 laminate collection features our all-time favourite designs. Ideal for retail and hotels, these floors are specially designed for the most demanding areas. Made in Germany according to the highest standards, our commercial laminate floors are reinforced and treated with an extra-strong melamine protective layer. Installation is quick and easy with a simple, glueless 2-lock click system allowing overnight renovation.

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CE Marking EN 14041
Product type ISO Laminate floor coverings (EN 13329)
Commercial classification (ISO 10874) 33 Heavy
Format Type Plank
Items per box 5
Surface per box 1,253 m²
Box per pallet 56
Surface per pallet 70,168 m²
Total thickness 12 mm
Installation method Click
Declaration of Performance # No.071DoP2015-12-08
Reaction to fire (EN 13501-1) Cfl-s1
Slip resistance (EN 13893) µ ≥ 0,30 (DS)
Thermal resistance (in m²•K/W) 0,15
Stain resistance - groups 1 and 2 (EN 438) ≥ 5
Stain resistance - group 3 (EN 438) ≥ 4
Cigarette burn resistance (EN 438) ≥ 4
Furniture leg effect No damage
Surface soundness
Abrasion resistance (EN 13329) AC5
Impact resistance (EN 13329) IC3
Castor chair effect (ISO 4918) No damage
Underfloor heating Suitable (maximum 27°C)
Colour fastness to light (ISO 105-B02) ≥ 6
Dimensional variation 0,9 mm
Squareness 0,1 mm
Straightness 0,3 mm
Flatness length 0,5 %
Flatness width 0,15 %
Thickness swelling (%) 18
Height difference between elements 0,1 mm
Opening between elements 0,15 mm