Parade Soft Sense

Carpet Rolls / Custom Made Rugs
Parade Soft Sense
Key features
  • Extra soft texture
  • Comfortable for the bedroom
  • Beautiful matte look
  • Felt comfort backing
  • Available as broadloom carpet or custom rug

Bring nature into your home with Parade’s Soft Sense collection, the perfect base for a relaxing, natural and warm atmosphere. The extra soft texture of Soft Sense is pure luxury. It is wonderfully comfortable as a wall-to-wall carpet on the top floor. The innovative Soft Sense pile gives the floor a beautiful matte look. Available as broadloom carpet or custom rug.

This collection is also available as a custom rug

Do you like this collection? In addition to wall-to-wall carpeting this collection is very well suited for custom rugs as well. Create a personal statement in your interior.

Desso & Ex 8811-617
Technical and environmental specifications