If you’re seeking to create an interior with a Scandinavian look, there are four things you need to keep in mind: simplicity, light, neutral colours and wood.

1. Simplicity

To echo the Nordic landscape and provide a comfortable cocoon for the cold winter months, Scandinavian interiors are as open and as uncluttered as possible. Furniture is primarily thought out to be practical, comfortable and features clean lines.

We do not all enjoy large spaces, but it is possible to add volume to a room by choosing floor patterns and shades that play with the sense of perspective: long and wide boards in a living room, planks installed lengthwise to the room or light floor shades.

2. Light

Keeping things light and lit: this is de rigueur in countries where winters are long and days are short. Numerous, scattered lamps and candles will give texture and warmth to the space.

Also, a glossy finish on your floor will reflect the light and so will a light colour. On the other hand a matt finish or a darker tone will give out a warmer, more intimate feeling.


3. Neutral colours

Reminding Scandinavian scenery, white and natural tones will provide a feeling of space and quiet. The same way the colourful Nordic architecture brings life into the otherwise sober surroundings, the white walls can be complemented by one coloured side, bright cushions or other colourful accessories that can vary with the season.

Beech, birch, oak or pine, all go very well with a Scandinavian interior. They can be natural or brushed with white or grey pigments. Limed floors also provide an elegant, country style look. And of course, a fur or a rug will give the final touch to a cosy or a lively atmosphere.

4. Wood

In a white and neutral space, natural materials will warm up the room to a cosy cocoon: Cotton, wool or even leather for a couch, a mohair plaid, linen curtains and, of course, wood for the furniture and the floor.

Northern countries are home to large forests where raw material for house building and home deco can be sourced, this is also why Tarkett floors are so popular in Scandinavia: our parquets are made of woods mainly sourced close to our Swedish factory.

Also consider vinyl or laminate, they can provide the ultimate Scandinavian experience at a lower cost and with easier maintenance.

The articles in the All about flooring section of this magazine will provide you with the information on the different types of floors and our Find your floor tool will help you find the floor that suits you best.