Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our new Laminate flooring this collection combines elegance and functionality. Designed in Europe and produced in Germany, Tarkett’s Laminate flooring embodies the brand’s renowned expertise, guaranteeing unmatched quality and performance.

With 5 new collections, Tarkett’s Laminate flooring seamlessly merges durability and design excellence, offering a palette of 47 unique décors and four plank sizes to transform your living and hotel spaces according to your vision. From the timeless charm of herringbone patterns, adding luxury and warmth to your home or hotel rooms, to the contemporary allure of long and wide planks for architectural spaces, our collection caters to every preference and style.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, our collections boasts remarkable durability. The protective layer ensures high resistance to scuffs, scratches, and stains, maintaining the floor’s beauty for years to come. Perfect for family life, our Laminate flooring can withstand the demands of small children, playful pets or heels, making it a wise and enduring investment.

Experience hassle-free installation, thanks to the user-friendly click systems, saving you time and effort.For added versatility, explore our water-resistant ranges that seamlessly fuse style with practicality, offering a flooring solution built to withstand daily demands.

Embracing sustainability, our PEFC certification underscores our commitment. Responsibly sourced from managed forests and controlled sources, All Laminate collections are sourced from responsibly managed forests and controlled sources, promoting a greener future while preserving the timeless beauty of natural wood in your home.

From entry-level to premium, find your perfect Laminate floor. Your taste, your needs, covered.