19th October 2017

The latest home interior decoration trends are definitely human-centered, expressing a revived fondness for personal history and stories as well as a need for authentic experiences. 
Our in-house designer, Valérie Pavard explains: “Today, many people are questioning our consumerist societies with a very strong desire for authenticity, origins and roots. We search for simplicity, naturalness and childhood memories for greater comfort and wellbeing in our lives. We seek experiences over possessions.”
From this admission, we have derived the four deco trends that have inspired our 2017 home collections:


A refined and cosmopolitan world where the blend of classic beauty meets raw materials such as wood and concrete, creating a new classic of balance between sobriety, authenticity and graphic patterns.


A highly optimistic universe of happiness and colours, shaped by highly creative individuals. Used as accents on furniture or accessories, the bright colours contrast with pastels and a touch of grey to catch our attention or maybe change our perception.


A mainstream interior design trend led by a need to be connected with nature. A lifestyle driven by a meditation and a green attitude.The simplicity of raw materials, a neutral palette of colours, a soothing atmosphere.


We find warmth and comfort in a friendly atmosphere of reclaimed items, with a twist of cheeky humour and modernity. The colours are a mix of deep, fresh and neutrals with an added touch of bohemian style..