Bedroom Design Essentials

Bedroom Design Essentials

How to create a peaceful bedroom

Bedrooms should be calm and comfortable spaces that both reflect your style and create a peaceful, restful atmosphere. The following tips will help you create a relaxing sanctuary for both your mind and body.

• Calming colour palette

Soft, calm, neutral colours are best for creating tranquil and relaxing spaces. Bright, harsh colours should be avoided. Instead, a colour palette of soft greens, blues, greys and white create the most relaxed and soothing ambience.

• Soft lighting

Bedroom lighting should be soft and warm. Layered lighting, including an overhead light fixture, a floor lamp, and bedside table lamps allow you to adjust the lighting in your room to create your desired effect.

• Clutter-free

De-cluttering spaces helps to de-clutter the mind and to create a sense of visual calm. This becomes essential in the bedroom where we come to rest and relax. Take the time to clear unnecessary items from your bedroom and ensure you have sufficient storage to organise your belongings and pack them away so that they’re out of sight.

• A touch of nature

Bringing a touch of nature indoors can add to a sense of tranquillity to your bedroom. One or two plants add a natural, organic element to a space while at the same time contributing to your health by purifying the air.

• Warm, comfortable flooring

When it comes to bedroom floors, you’ll want floors that are comfortable and warm underfoot. Beautiful, natural wood floors and wood-look floors are popular bedroom flooring options. They provide a timeless look and are incredibly versatile since they can complement a variety of design styles from contemporary to traditional and from modern to rustic. And with good insulation, they both look and feel warm. For additional warmth and comfort, you can consider underfloor heating and area rugs.

Bedroom decorating ideas

Regardless of whether you’re decorating in a modern, contemporary or vintage style, there are a few bedroom decor essentials that you might want to consider.

• A stylish headboard

Whether it’s an upholstered headboard in a vintage, shabby chic, or bohemian-styled room, or a minimalist, wooden headboard in a modern-styled room, this feature adds both interest and personality to a bedroom. It’s also functional, providing comfortable back support when sitting up and reading in bed.

• A comfortable area rug

An area rug is a perfect way to quickly change the look and feel of a room. For the bedroom, choose a soft, comfortable rug in muted, neutral hues and made from natural materials. It not only adds texture and personality to your room, but it's a soft and comfortable welcome to your feet when you wake up in the morning.

• Layered bedding

Once you have found the perfect bed, the next step is to add comfortable bedding. Look for high-quality cotton or linen sheets, a soft duvet, and fluffy pillows. Opt for natural materials and feel-good textures, and stick to natural hues to maintain a serene and simple ambience.