Invite a contemporary blend of abstract and geometric creativity into your home

Invite a contemporary blend of abstract and geometric creativity into your home

The room is your canvas. You hold the palette. You want to create a wonderful energy while working and connecting with others. There is always space for growth and creativity. The colours, the graphics, the shapes and the objects say different, but joyful. It is eccentric, but absolutely enjoyable. A funny, outrageous space that is smart and expresses nonconformity. Motivated by the Memphis Movement from the early 80’s, the 2020 Good Vibes trend is a contemporary and geometric décor that disrupts the routine.

A creative mix and match

The wonderful mix of different styles, colours, textures and materials create an uplifting and unconventional interior. The unique combination of geometric pieces, statuesque furniture, linework on walls and textured floors all add a certain wackiness to the room that radiates a good-natured and confident energy. Take for example the contrasting components of a bright green stool on a wooden floor next to a contemporary carpet or a black-and-white marble kitchen surface, red metal faucet and electric blue glass plate. When brought together, all these elements exude excitement and enthusiasm.

Tarkett's colourful textured and wooden floors can easily become a part of a Good Vibes interior in which contrast is key

A Splash of Colour

Colour is everywhere! In the walls, fabrics, furniture and on the floors… The contrast of solid blacks and whites against touches of randomly placed, vibrant primary colours make the room pop with a positive and modern vibe. The playful graphic black-and-white stripes and patterns, defined by simple shapes on the walls, conjure up happy and cheerful feelings

The happy and cheerful feeling of a Good Vibes interior is generated by the contrast of vibrant randomly placed colours

The blend of grey, pastel and matt tones that we also see in this trend is the perfect mélange of minimalist and joyful tones. The flat, earthy and ashy shades decorate the walls, floors, furniture and drapes, while the pastels and matt tones found in the vases, lamps, stools and cushions complete this captivating look.

The flat, earthy and ashy shades walls and floors and furniture and the pastels and matt tones can be found in decorations

An excitingly unconventional space

The asymmetric, incongruous and geometric objects and furniture are what make this interior so original and inviting. Of course, they serve a functional purpose, but, equally important is there decorative and aesthetic value. The furniture often comes in strong stark lines and simple geometric shapes, covered in even tones or monochrome design materials. A white metal cabinet with a primary yellow trim and pink lines or a dinner table with abstract shaped legs add lightness and fun to your home.

The key to this original interior are asymmetric, incongruous and geometric objects and furniture

We see many conceptual and iconic objects throughout the space. A colourful duck-inspired lamp with graphic squiggles, geometric vases, a metallic 80’s toy robot or even abstract and colourful sculptures bring back adolescent memories of Art Déco and Pop culture.

The Good Vibes 2020 interior includes conceptual and iconic objects from Art Déco and Pop culture

A fusion of textured surfaces

Using architecture, floors and walls as central decorative elements is unique to this trend. The distinctive graphic patterns and monochrome grids and stripes found on the walls in contrast to the textured marble, granite, linoleum or PVC floors is a real treat for the eyes. From the floors to the walls the room is alive with confidence and encouragement

Good Vibes is the perfect expression of asymmetric nonconformity and fun. It brings optimism and positivism to your home. It prepares you for any and all challenges and encourages unconventional exchange and wit. It puts you in a creative and collaborative mood. This décor is the energy you crave. All you feel are good vibes.