Holiday Inn Hamburg City-Nord

Holiday Inn Hamburg City-Nord

2017 | Hamburg, Germany

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With its striking narrow and elegant building, the new Holiday Inn in Hamburg's City-North rises high above the district. Tarkett flooring helps create a cozy ambiance inside. In guest rooms, the choice of wooden floors contributes to a relaxed at-home feel. The timeless wood character of Tarkett's Pure Oak floor and selected designs from the more creative Play wood collection exude warmth and help guests relax. In the bar area, lounges and in the lobby, the hotel opted for Desso Gravure carpeting in its conference rooms, which reflects the wood in its printed design.

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A relaxed and cozy atmosphere throughout hospitality areas and guest rooms using a combination of Tarkett’s authentic wood floors and Desso Gravure printed carpet.

Designer/ Architect

MPP Architekten AG