The new Tarkett Laminate flooring, made in Europe: the best alternative to wood.

The new Tarkett Laminate flooring, made in Europe: the best alternative to wood.

Step into a world of timeless elegance with our new laminate flooring designs, meticulously crafted in Europe at our Tarkett Design Center and produced in Germany to ensure unparalleled quality. With 47 designs spanning across 5 remarkable collections and available in 4 versatile board formats, our flooring is a canvas of possibilities waiting to transform your home space.

Whether for bedroom, living room or open kitchens in family homes, our different plank formats complement any space, fulfilling everyone’s interior home-decoration needs.


A design offer not compromising in between timeless and sleek décors

Our laminate flooring collection offers a wide range of wood effect options, including dark grey, light grey, and even light or darker beige laminate flooring. This collection truly epitomizes versatility and style.

Welcome the warm embrace of authenticity into your home, as each plank exudes a rustic charm that resonates with the very essence of nature. Our Woodstock Longboards collection, boasting lengthy and wide planks, not only graces your space with a majestic aura but also offers a remarkable sense of expansiveness, reminiscent of genuine hardwood floors.

Experience the enduring allure of the herringbone laminate flooring pattern, an embodiment of classic sophistication that seamlessly weaves history into modern interiors. Through innovative printing techniques, we bring to life the authentic look and tactile sensation of real hardwood floors, creating a seamless transition between the natural world and your living space.


Advanced performances for durability

Embark on a journey where enduring beauty meets unyielding durability through our laminate flooring ranges.

Crafted to endure the demands of vibrant family spaces, our flooring boats a high durability that stands as a testament to its exceptional quality. A protective layer forms a strong shield against the trials of everyday life, effortlessly repelling scuffs, scratches, and stains. Whether it's the pitter-patter of children's feet, the playful antics of your furry companions, or high heels gracing the floor, our flooring stands unwavering.

Our Easy Line collection takes durability a step further with an ingenious Force-Fit click locking system, engineered for a sturdy and secure connection that provides better water resistance for your flooring. This ensures a seamless installation process, bringing you closer to the perfect floor you envision.

With the AquaBlock system featured in the Woodstock AquaBlock range, water resistance reaches new heights, steadfastly guarding against moisture for up to 24 hours, ideal for open kitchens. Thanks to AquaBlock, your floors inspire confidence, promising enduring elegance even in the face of unexpected spills and everyday living.


Easy and quick installation

Our various click systems offer user-friendly advantages, streamlining the flooring installation for both end-users and professionals. Our click systems ensure easy and fast assembly, eliminating the need for complex tools.

Each collection features a special click system tailored to your needs, ensuring a seamless and efficient flooring upgrade.


The Way to Better Floors

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our PEFC certification. All Laminate collections are sourced from responsibly managed forests and controlled sources, promoting a greener future while preserving the timeless beauty of natural wood in your home.

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