Living room makeover before & after ideas

Living room makeover before & after ideas

A living room is one of the most public spaces in the house, so it should be both comfortable and stylish. Whether it is used for entertaining or for resting quietly with family, this multipurpose space needs to stand up to constant use. What do you do with a living room that is severely out of date? Making this room look the way it should can often require major changes, but for owners on a limited budget, that can be tricky.

Furnished in a hurry just after moving in, the main room of this apartment was anything but welcoming. Both style and colours were tired and dated. The homeowners living in this flat never had time to renovate the space, until now. But with a little imagination and the right tools and products, even a full makeover can sometimes be a simple affair. For this place a little refresh wasn't going to cut it. A proper make-over was required.


Choosing the right colour combinations for a living room

The contrast between the old white tiles and the dark furniture made the room feel even colder. As for the yellowish patina of the walls, it was seriously dated! With small means, a few ideas found here and there and a little elbow grease, these young owners refreshed their main room in no time. Painting the walls all white immediately revives the place, and floods it with light, which opens up all sorts of possibilities for floor.
The couple always wanted a wooden floor, for its tasteful warmth, but were never able to afford it. Then they discovered Tarkett's "Fumed Oak Light Brown" vinyl roll, an ideal affordable wood-like floor and one of the warmest finishes in this line. Seduced by its ultra-realistic wood look and easy installation, their minds were made up. Simply laying the vinyl over the tiles, its honey hue immediately made the living room seem larger, and despite its darker tone of the new floor, the room feels much brighter and more balanced. It brings more authenticity and warmth to the living area.

Upcycling furniture for a cosy living room

Only the sofa and the dresser were upcycled: a new white sofa-cover replaces the old yellow one and the wooden storage has been sanded and given a coat of lighter varnish. The closer, more natural colour range of the furniture and accessories makes the new decoration scheme more consistent.

A simple rectangular table and bench replaces the cumbersome old dining table and chairs, saving space and adding an authentic touch.

The room has been given a more rational layout too: the sitting area faces the fireplace near the windows and the dining area is now conveniently situated by the kitchen. The couple now spends much more time in the room which feels welcoming at last, thanks to the honey-coloured wood, the wicker and organic elements such as plants or dried flowers. No major construction was needed to transform this space from a cold, dull space into a comfortable, liveable sitting room that's both traditional and contemporary.