Starfloor Click Ultimate, the ultimate vinyl tile flooring for your home renovation

Starfloor Click Ultimate, the ultimate vinyl tile flooring for your home renovation

When you think of it, our daily lives at home are made up of actions that we sometimes repeat again and again, like pulling up a chair, walking with high heels, children playing with toy cars or dropping objects on the floor. These actions reveal how robust a floor is. Starfloor Click Ultimate, Tarkett’s new rigid composite core Luxury Vinyl Tile collection, was designed to withstand every shock, scratch, stain and noise. Yes, every one. Plus, it can be installed very easily and quickly on any sub-floor including ceramic tiles.*
*on ceramics with joints up to 8mm width and 3mm depth


Homes are busy spaces and our day-to-day activities can be hard on the floor. Starfloor Click Ultimate resists all of these shocks, from heavy furniture or high heel indentations to scratches and scuffs due to rolling objects or stains due to spills.


Homes are often full of movement, life and, in some cases, noisy activities such as children playing. Choosing a flooring with acoustic properties can help make your home a more welcoming place where you can find peace despite activities going on in other rooms in the house. Starfloor Click Ultimate is an acoustic flooring that comes with an integrated acoustic backing and provides 19dB sound transmission reduction thanks to the Soundblock technology. Starfloor Click Ultimate makes homes quieter and life moments better. Plus, no need to install an acoustic floor insulation as it is already integrated in the floor.


Spilling water or liquids at home can happen, all the more so in areas such as kitchens or living rooms. Starfloor Click Ultimate was designed to endure dampness and be a water-resistant flooring*, which makes it ideal for any space in the home, including bathrooms and kitchens.
*when installed following installation guidelines

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