Take in this eclectic, yet timeless mix of colours, textures and shapes

Take in this eclectic, yet timeless mix of colours, textures and shapes

Learning a new language and exploring new cultures, while cherishing past memories and sentiment, delights your senses. The fusion between innovation and tradition is articulated in the selection of patterns, textures and colours. The vintage items brought back from abroad and placed next to more recent objects expose a sensual dance between the past and the present. The everlasting mix of tribal tones and modern textiles creates an interior design trend that is multi-sensorial.


This eclectic décor reflects your passion for travel and exploration. The unique objects and mysterious materials found overseas, like Italian antiques and Indians artifacts, create a collage of different international styles and global moods. Souvenirs from past adventures are remembered and felt through a palette of cultural hues and decorations. You recreate past experiences and ambiances from your time away, through your choice of walls, furniture and floors.


Finding the right balance and harmony by mixing colours, textures and patterns is the essence of this eclectic décor— a patchwork of different styles like modern and chic, vintage and bohemian. It is a layered interior, not to be confused with a cluttered one. There is a rhythm and sense to this beautiful mix of expressive styles and motifs. A one-of-a-kind feel that is unique only to you. There is a melting pot of different sensations, from rustic and rigid to furry and soft. There is an echo between the old, the new, the modern and the classic, yet there is a sense of order and simplicity.


We see a mix of decorative objects and statement pieces that add an original touch to your interior. Each piece is delicately chosen and is often changed throughout the seasons. Your living room has a furniture style that reflects your personality through the different selection of textures and finishes. Other rooms feature odd numbers of ornamental objects, which have a strong visual impact. Unique and memorable items are grouped together by size, colour and shape. They are subtle, but they highlight the space.


Different textures and patterns throughout the space, are what give this look its unique personality. It is not uncommon to see a velour sofa covered in corduroy throw cushions, placed behind a marble coffee table or a rattan table with metal legs against a stone floor, adorned with glass vases. There are smooth, soft, warm, fluffy, fine textures alongside woven and rustic ones. Throughout the space, we see interesting ways of combining and contrasting different motifs, knits and surfaces. Repeating and alternating between materials and textures gives this look an alluring and inviting feel. 


Spicy ruby with sensual amber and magma red. Tints of brass and copper sublimated by deep blues. Natural hues like beige and terracotta clay. Core colours are essential to this look. They help bring together the right mix of eclectic elements, because they serve as a clean backdrop. Simple and bare walls emphasize the furniture and objects in the room. Contrasting and clashing colours come together beautifully in this décor scheme. Darker shades add warmth and depth, while neutral ones highlight the bohemian décor and tie it all together.

This interior design trend is a wonderful mix of colours, textures, objects, memories, styles and cultures that all reflect your rare and unique tastes. Tastes that you’ve acquired from your travels and time away. You have surrounded yourself with your favorite moments and things, creating an interior that is rich and sensual, yet intimate and personal. You are the Bohemian Explorer.