Tarkett hosted IKEA and WALD in a Dezeen panel discussion on circular design

Tarkett hosted IKEA and WALD in a Dezeen panel discussion on circular design

07th December 2021

Titled ‘Sustainable meets style: how can design advocates like Tarkett, IKEA and WALD guide consumers through their circular journey?’, the talk explored how circular product design principles can be made accessible to consumers.

The panel of experts including Florian Bougault, Design Director at Tarkett EMEA, Mirza Rasidovic, Range Engineering Leader at IKEA of Sweden and Flavien Menu from WALD came together to discuss circularity, moderated by Dezeen’s deputy editor Cajsa Carlson. Together the panel addressed the characteristics of circular products and how consumers can look out for sustainable credibility in brands. The speakers also looked into how to give consumers the guidance to distinguish the brands that really act on circularity to reduce C02 emissions from the ones that just rely on offsetting carbon emissions. As well as delving into how designers can create sustainable products at a large scale, and the future of a design industry that refuses to compromise on sustainability and aesthetics, as well as quality and affordability.

“We’re very pleased to have had the opportunity to delve into such important topics with IKEA and WALD. To be able to discuss the urgent need to move away from a take-make-dispose model, towards a circular economy in which products can be recycled to create new products at the end of their use. We hope that consumers and architects and designers will be inspired by the conversation and be convinced that together we can shape a more sustainable future” said Florian Bougault, Design Director at Tarkett EMEA.

During the talk, Florian Bougault emphasized Tarkett’s circular strategy to effectively reduce C02 emissions. The three areas of focus were:
1- Increase the part of recycled content being used to create new products
2- Make sure to design eco-friendly products by using good materials contributing to healthy spaces, even when it comes to recycled content
3- Ensure there is an operational scheme in place, which is managed internally to collect and recycle the products at the end of their life.

Following its commitment to making conscious choices for people and the planet, Tarkett recently launched the Circular Selection to guide customers towards fully recyclable and good materials. The offering features Tarkett’s most sustainable flooring collections, from the iQ homogeneous vinyl to carpet tiles, linoleum and new printed vinyl materials such as Genius, iD Square, iD Click UltimateStarfloor Click Ultimate and iD Inspiration Click. Collections that are part of the Circular Selection are recyclable post-use, phthalate-free, good for people and planet, and of course feature the latest in design to compliment any interior and contribute to making unique spaces.
Tarkett’s strategy is to reduce its carbon footprint without any compromise on design as Tarkett does not consider one without thinking of the other.

Watch the replay of the talk by clicking here.