Custom Rugs

Custom Rugs

Whether you live in a classic or modern styled interior, large or small: a rug as a living island always fits! By applying a rug you connect different furniture into a comfortable whole. Moreover, it forms a nice contrast with the hard floor, making the space literally and figuratively softer.

You choose the size, quality and colour. Also think of a beautifully finished edge, so that your rug is attractive until the last details. With a self-designed carpet everything is possible, perfect for any home style.

Trim options

Blind banding

For a fawless finish, rugs can be edged with matching cotton blind bands.

Linen banding

To create a more luxurious effect, the rugs can be edged with 5 cm linen coloured bands offering a seamless finish.


The most traditional of the finishing options, over edging matches the rug colour to the edge. All rugs are fitted with a co-ordinating yarn edging as standard.


All rugs are provided with a protective anti-slip underside as standard.

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