Step away from the day-to-day and create an authentic and timeless interior

Step away from the day-to-day and create an authentic and timeless interior

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to spread across the globe and people are looking for new ways to adapt and evolve, especially at home. The home has become very important and people now have a new and fresh point of view. They have come to realize that their peace of mind is connected to their interior, so they want to create a space that can be easily transformed, on demand and as they necessary, whether it be an office, a playroom or a living area.

The recent lockdowns and curfews, have contributed to this new perspective, so now people are searching for new ways to live well and feel good. Some people achieve this when inspired by human connection and surrounded by individual creativity. For them, individual know-how and experience, as well as personal skill and history, is key. The human touch is everything, so when craft takes over industry, they celebrate flaws and imperfection. They believe in a better and more personal way to consume, which is why they support local businesses and buy locally. Since now most of their time is spent at home, it is important for their décor to respond to their needs and reflect their convictions.

These new needs have led to a number of emerging new trends and Tarkett calls this one Back to Craft

Going back to the basics

Encourage a creative revival of a Mid Century Modern décor, where the architecture fits perfectly with the surrounding nature and is characterized by clean lines and noble materials, such as teak or walnut wood. Craftsmanship and the candid process of creativity evoke a sense of pride and express a strong desire to bring back a timeless expertise. This interior testifies to the simple and honest use of materials and ageless shapes that we consider valuable. The sophistication of the bespoke wood furniture and the true designs of the one-of-a-kind objects reflect a much yearned for handmade quality.

2021 Interior design trends

Buying locally and thoughtfully

Realize the futility of over-consumption and value our own production over that which is produced by an anonymous industry. We transition from being consumers to being citizens and we consider this humble move back to what’s essential as an opportunity for us. Our interior is adorned with little, however it is full of history and sentiment. We feel a sense of community and we source locally, since we feel empathy towards those who we buy from, as it enriches us emotionally. We reduce our impact on the environment and pay our planet the attention she deserves. Simplicity, frugality and honesty are words we like.

2021 Interior design trends

Admiring imperfections and authenticity

Disregard standardized objects and reclaim some authenticity uniqueness. We go back to primary shapes and materials, as well as imperfect objects with forms that tend to warp and lose their symmetry. We enjoy comforting materials such as wool and loop yarn and appreciate coarse and raw materials like wood, stone and ceramics. Our walls and floors are riddled with uneven niches, marks and dents, evoking a feeling of vulnerable force. The surrealistic and ethnic influences we find in the furniture, objects and textiles conjure images of travel and time abroad. Finally, the combination of colours from ocean blue, stone grey and inspires a much-needed feeling of pleasure and joy.

More time at home has brought us closer to what’s essential, reignited our passion for the artisanal and awakened in us a strong feeling of solidarity for our planet.

“The modern and artistic influence we see in Tarkett’s Back to Craft trend adds a bit of surprise and poetry to any space. It perfectly corresponds with today’s need to step away from big businesses and restore a more human collaboration between designers and crafts-men and -women.”
Florian Bougault, Art Director at Tarkett

Armchair Tacchini / Cushion LNRCE / Pendant light Bloomingville / 3D pictures B&F Studio @celiaferrarotti


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