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With ranges that mix the traditional and the contemporary, our wood floors celebrate the charm of our heritage and the warmth of style. Using only wood from sustainable and renewable sources, we add the best modern techniques to the beauty of nature.
Our wood floors are easy to install and are designed for stability, strength and long-lasting resistance to stains and scratches. After years of use, these environmentally-friendly floors can be removed and reused or recycled.
Discover the natural beauty and variety of our new collection influenced by the trends and styles of today and tomorrow.
Inspired by timeless design and refined craftsmanship, create an interior with an exclusive and distinctive character.

Atelier is a prestigious collection of exclusively engineered wood flooring that brings a new level of craftsmanship, quality and expression to interior design. Atelier reflects a trend that evokes classic tastes through toned-down luxury handled with extra care and attention....

Pure celebrates the authentic designs of nature at its best, with extra finishing touches to enhance the unique character of every plank for an everlasting style.

Shade offers an elegant selection of warm and natural colours to bring a variety of soft and soothing designs to your interior decoration.

Play is where wood floors become a little bit more creative, with colour and character. If you’re looking for expression, here’s where you can find it!

Viva veneer floors are a beautiful, practical and durable solution, particularly suited for renovations.