• Elegant oaks
  • Extra resistant
  • Easy-to-install 2-lock click system
  • 84% wood, PEFC and Blue Angel certified

Our oak collection remains an all-time favourite. Using a special embossing technique, the Woodstock 832 laminate collection brings out the natural beauty of the wood grain, underlining its characteristics with a soft and silky touch. Made in Germany according to the highest standards, our laminate home floors are treated with an extra-strong melamine protective layer making them resistant to scuffs, scratches and stains. Installation is quick and easy with a simple, glueless 2-lock click system.

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CE Marking EN 14041
Product type ISO Laminate floor coverings (EN 13329)
Commercial classification (ISO 10874) 32 General
Residential warranty (in years) 25 years
Format Type Plank
Items per box 8
Surface per box 2,005 m²
Box per pallet 56
Surface per pallet 112,280 m²
Construction Process DPL
Total thickness 8 mm
Total weight 7,160 kg/m², 7,140 kg/m²
Edge treatment Tech3S
Installation method Click
Locking system 2-lock
Declaration of Performance # No.014DoP2013-07-10
Reaction to fire (EN 13501-1) Cfl-s1
Slip resistance (EN 13893) µ ≥ 0,30 (DS)
Thermal resistance (in m²•K/W) 0,0665, 0,15
Formaldehyde emission (EN 717-1) E1
Stain resistance - groups 1 and 2 (EN 438) ≥ 5
Stain resistance - group 3 (EN 438) ≥ 4
Cigarette burn resistance (EN 438) ≥ 4
Furniture leg effect No damage
Surface soundness 1,60 N/mm²
Abrasion resistance (EN 13329) AC4
Impact resistance (EN 13329) IC2
Castor chair effect (ISO 4918) No damage
Residual indentation 0,01 mm
Underfloor heating Suitable, Suitable (maximum 27°C)
Colour fastness to light (ISO 105-B02) ≥ 6
Dimensional variation 0,9 mm
Squareness 0,1 mm
Straightness 0,3 mm
Flatness length 0,5 %
Flatness width 0,15 %
Thickness swelling (%) 18
Height difference between elements 0,1 mm
Opening between elements 0,15 mm