Bonaparte Chinchilla

Carpet Rolls / Custom Made Rugs
Bonaparte Chinchilla
Key features
  • Modern-retro carpet
  • Inspiration for this carpet is in the 60s
  • Also as customized rug
  • Young and expressive
  • Powerful colors
  • Available as broadloom carpet or custom rug

The Chinchilla allows you to create a nonchalant and comfortable feeling thanks to the remarkable long pile structure. Chinchilla’s extensive colour palette (inspired by the sixties) consists of eleven mixed and eight duotone colours. The combination of its remarkable structure and the vibrant colours creates a characteristic ‘Chinchilla style’ that can be described as young, expressive and modern-retro. Does this sound like your style? Available as broadloom carpet or custom rug.

This collection is also available as a custom rug

Do you like this collection? In addition to wall-to-wall carpeting this collection is very well suited for custom rugs as well. Create a personal statement in your interior.

Desso & Ex 8811-617
Technical and environmental specifications