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A beautiful entrance floor can give a great and stylish first impression. Choose from a variety of floors including vinyl, wood, laminate and carpet.

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Choosing the right floors and colours can help create a relaxing atmosphere thanks to sound reducing flooring materials, relaxing colours or designs. 

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Floors to create a space that helps you focus, be creative and find inspiration.

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Choosing the right floor for kids bedrooms and playrooms means choosing hardwearing and easy to clean floors that will help create a playful atmosphere.

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Kitchens are often the hearts of our homes where family and friends meet and eat. Choose a floor that is durable and reflects your style and personality best.

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Living rooms are spaces where floors should combine aesthetics and practicality. Choose a floor that matches your style and makes your home welcoming.

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Floors in bathrooms need to combine both aesthetics and water-resistance. Explore our selection of water-resistant floors with designs to suit every style.
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Finding the floor that suits you can be more difficult than it seems. Use Tarkett’s online program to help you make the best choice and find the flooring you need. Nothing could be simpler: tell us who you are, we will tell you which floor is right for you. Answer a few questions and follow the guide to find the perfect flooring for your home.

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Silky Shades - Silky Shades Globe AB08 8214

Silky Shades rugs are available in 3 natural colour tones inspired by different landscapes; Tundra, Ocean and Desert. This feeling is strengthened by the strong 3D effect and organic shapes. In combination with the metallic yarns this rug collection fits perfectly with a modern minimalistic interior. The Silky Shades rug collection consists of recycled ECONYL® yarns, derived from, among others, old fishing nets recovered from the ocean.

Key features
Technical and environmental specifications
Flooring Type: Rugs
Pile construction: Structured loop pile
Total thickness: 11 mm
Total pile mass: 920 g/m²
Product Material: Tufted
Rug (1 ref.)
Find the Silky Shades that suits your needs
0 format
Technical and environmental specifications
Understand the Silky Shades