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Sense of Marble - Sense Of Marble AA81 1269

Marble is the material par excellence to express luxury in an interior. With the new Desso Sense of Marble, you can decorate your home with the monumental look of marble combined with the warmth and comfort of a soft carpet. Choose from 10 different colours of marble and patterns, as a print on wall-to-wall carpeting or as a tailored-made rug. Different geometrical shapes can be chosen for rugs such as a circle, triangle, rectangle or hexagon. Available as broadloom carpet and custom rug.

Key features
Technical and environmental specifications
Flooring Type: Carpet Roll
Product type: Textile floor coverings (EN 1307)
Total mass: 1800 g/m²
Pile construction: Cut pile
Total thickness: 6,70 mm
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This collection is also available as a custom rug

Do you like this collection? In addition to wall-to-wall carpeting this collection is very well suited for custom rugs as well. Create a personal statement in your interior.

Desso & Ex 8811-617
Technical and environmental specifications
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